Hear more about our offer to the system from Jen Kohan, Head of the Coaching Academy. 


The Coaching Academy provides leaders and teams with support to make improvements to the system, navigate complex systems change, and, most recently, to support the formation of Integrated Care Systems.


We provide:

  • space for teams to learn about themselves and understand the challenges they have,
  • evidence-based tools and techniques to work through solutions to these challenges.

We have an excellent track record of collaborating with teams across health and social care in the North West. These collaborations have been very well-received by teams, leaders and commissioners. Read more on our case studies page.

Below are our ‘main’ offers, however we will work with you to adopt models and course material to best support your objectives (e.g., pathway redesign, digital transformation).

  • Design thinking – We have two offers focused on design thinking: A one-day introductory course and a six-month long series of workshops where you apply design thinking to a real-world problem and develop a design-thinking prototype to apply to the problem.
  • Appreciative inquiry – A series of facilitated discovery conversations to seek feedback on barriers and enablers to success in relation to a current state.
  • Improvement in systems – This course will help you navigate change and enable you to make improvements in complex environments. It will be particularly beneficial if you have an improvement that you would like to successfully embed in your organisation.
  • Safety culture improvement – This programme is for small groups to tackle a specific safety or improvement challenge in their organisation. Through this challenge they will learn: how to apply a culture diagnostic tool; about quality improvement tools and techniques; and how to improve the safety culture in their workplace overall.
  • Implementing innovation in systems – This programme supports teams who are ready to implement innovations by using systems thinking guided collaboration and evidence-based practice.
  • Complex change and service redesign – This builds capacity for your team to undertake a system-wide future state redesign that will improve outcomes by introducing innovation to optimise the deployment of resources and embrace integrated care concepts.

Read more about the outcomes of our work in the Case Studies: Systems support page.

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