Our facilitated collaboration programmes are rooted in the belief that we can better share learnings and improve outcomes at pace and scale by working together in honest and co-ordinated collaboration. 


We provide expert facilitation that creates space and time for leaders, clinicians and programme managers to come together to share, learn and integrate shared priorities and unique challenges to improve health and care in their organisations and across the whole system. We also aim to build capacity for sustainable collaboration.

Learn more about our approaches:

  • Action learning sets – This series of workshops takes participants through an action-learning approach to explore a system problem, set a system improvement goal and work with unusual suspects to develop solutions.
  • Communities of practice – We provide expert facilitation and hosting of communities of practice that support innovation and improvement. These communities share innovation approaches, leadership for innovation, entrepreneurial skills and networking opportunities.
  • Discovery workshops – Coached reflective spaces that offer short, virtual peer learning spaces where colleagues can come together to discuss theme-based challenges to improvement and innovation.
  • Senior expert facilitation – Our expert coaches can facilitate discussions at a senior management and board level. We will hold space for thinking and shared learning to help you navigate a complex topic. This may be a single workshop or a series, depending on your needs.

Read our Case studies: Facilitated collaboration page to learn more about these programmes in action.


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