In 2019, the Health Innovation Network, of which the Health Innovation North West Coast is a part, made key pledges to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and innovation. These pledges were adopted by all 15 HINs and have helped us to embed diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our organisations and our work. 


These pledges have now been refreshed as we continue to hold ourselves to account. They are:


Pledge 1: Our organisation

Equality diversity and inclusion (EDI) is fundamental to our core values, ensuring a positive and supportive culture, where all staff and communities feel empowered and respected.

We will:

  • Set annual EDI objectives which enhance our organisation’s performance, report to our boards and transparently publish our progress.
  • Champion best practice EDI and establish processes to address challenges and opportunities.
  • Embed EDI in our programmes and influence stakeholders and suppliers, ensuring EDI is embedded in implementation, procurement and commissioning decisions.


Pledge 2: Our staff

Empowering and supporting our staff to be positive role models for EDI is essential to reach our collective ambition.

We will:

  • Strive to create organisations that reflect the diversity of the communities we serve at all levels.
  • Encourage our staff to be active allies and positively challenge when they see discrimination, non-inclusive behaviour or a lack of diversity.
  • Support our staff with ongoing EDI training and activities to foster an inclusive culture.


Pledge 3: Our work

Our work aims to benefit all communities and reduce health inequalities, supporting Core20PLUS5 and other equality initiatives.

We will:

  • Carry out Equality and Health Inequalities Impact Assessments on national and key local projects.
  • Involve diverse and underserved communities and co-produce innovations that are relevant, accessible and work to reduce health inequalities.
  • Promote diverse role models, challenge stereotypes and champion the positive impact of diversity on innovation in our communications.


You can read more about the Health Innovation Network's Diversity and Innovation Progress and Learning Report 2022 here.

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