Have you wondered where do good ideas come from?

Steve Johnson explains in this Ted Talk

Coming up with great ideas for new and innovative solutions that can improve health and care services is a great place to start the innovation process. However, it is not always easy to know where to begin, how to go about generating ideas, and if you will be supported by your organisation.

Innovator's Mindset online programme

This 16-week foundation course is for curious individuals seeking to develop or reaffirm a mindset for innovative thinking and behaviours. We recommend this course for everyone interested in health and care innovation.

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The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement offer guides and tools for coming up with new solutions and perspectives

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Thinking differently guide provides and tools for frontline leaders and team to rethink care delivery

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Edward De Bono’s six hats method for creative thinking

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Appreciative Inquiry is an approach to focussing on positives to enable ideas and self determined change

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Storyboarding is a quick way to get a sense of projects and what needs to be done, and it can help generate new thinking.

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Process Mapping can provide you with a tool to view the process and systems so that you can identify where you need innovative thinking

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