Launch of new lipid management pathway

27 February 2024

Clinicians in Cheshire and Merseyside have collaborated on a new lipid management pathway aimed at improving outcomes for people with cardiovascular disease (CVD).


Mental health innovators to benefit from £20m programme

7 February 2024

Health Innovation North West Coast is backing a programme to support innovators working at the forefront of mental health therapeutics




“Real world validation” being validated by the academic community

6 February 2024

A recent report demonstrates the acceptance of “real world” data from health care settings and the impact on patients being used to inform academic research. 


Supporting late preterm babies to go home earlier

1 February 2024

This research project looked at neonatal outreach services across the North West. Insights from this study can help inform the creation of new neonatal outreach services, or improve existing services, both locally and nationally. Project was a collaboration with NIHR ARC NWC, Health Innovation North West Coast and the North West Neonatal Operational Delivery Network.




The benefits of switching from single-use to reusable surgical and isolation gowns

24 January 2024

Single-use gowns are one of the most carbon-intensive PPE items, with considerable opportunity to realise both carbon and financial savings through increased uptake of reusable gowns. 


Toolkit unveiled to tackle fuel poverty

19 January 2024

Health Innovation North West Coast and partners have created a toolkit to help teams mitigate the impact of fuel poverty on vulnerable people.


What the natural world can teach us about systems thinking Blog by Natalie Latham

18 January 2024

If you’re a bird, or an insect, or one of our native reptiles, you aren’t bothered where a boundary for one organisation ends and another begins.


Evaluating a test-and-treat pathway Blog by Omobolanle Olagunju

4 January 2024

An evaluation is under way on a new pathway for patients with acute respiratory infections. Omobolanle Olagunju, who is working on the project for Health Innovation North West Coast, describes its aims.


Incubating new AI ideas in Cheshire and Merseyside to improve health care delivery

5 December 2023

C2-Ai and Health Innovation NWC's collaboration with Cheshire and Merseyside ICB continues to grow from strength to strength.


Driving successful innovation rollout

30 November 2023

A new guide to innovation implementation, readiness and resourcing has been published today sharing practical learning from the Health Innovation Network’s successful adoption and spread of the national Focus ADHD programme.


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