This programme aims to support individuals, teams and services throughout their journey of planning and implementing an innovation or innovative practice, with an emphasis on mindsets and behaviours.

Learning outcomes

This programme consists of workshops, assessments and coaching interventions that will enable you to assess and review your current capacity to implement innovation (including, but not limited to, digital technology) and attitudes to change. This will help you identify priorities and barriers, and ultimately help you map out a clear path so you and your service users can get the best out of the innovation or innovative practice you are implementing.
Over the course of the programme we will focus on two key questions (based on established change theories to help identify and plan the implementation):

  1. How ready am I/are we? 
  2. To what extent can we/are we/can I?

We will cover:

  • Change theory and change readiness
  • Team and organisational commitment 
  • Team climate and maturity through reviewing capabilities and behaviours 
  • Attitudes to change as a driver of service improvement
  • Environmental factors required to enable change to happen 
  • System impact and benefits
  • Measurement of efficiencies 


This programme is aimed at teams who would benefit from additional support around change readiness and changing behaviours. We encourage a “whole team” approach for this programme, with all team members involved regardless of their role. 


A qualified coach and expert facilitator will guide you through the assessments, workshops, and coaching interventions.

How to join

Please contact to have a conversation about how this approach could benefit your team. 

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