Watch our What is coaching? video to learn more about why it is such a useful approach in a health and care setting.


Training qualified coaches and using coaching approaches in our programming are core parts of what we do.

Coaching unlocks real transformational organisational change and untapped potential. It shows people that they can answer their own questions and solve their own challenges. It gets to the heart of how people think and what people do.

The Coaching Academy trains accredited coaches so teams can:

  • build compassionate, collaborative cultures
  • have better conversations
  • feel empowered to innovate and improve.

Our coach training is designed for health and care professionals and community partners across the North West coast. Our programmes are flexible and spread out over a number of months to ensure learners can fit the requirements around their work and personal lives. Learners will achieve a recognised European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) accreditation upon completion, and CPD hours/credits for workshops.

Coach training includes learning theories and best practices and how to practically apply them in your workplace. Each course will have clear goals and detailed objectives that will inspire, challenge and motivate​, and you will explore personal and group coaching techniques. Ultimately, we want coaching practices to be embedded into your work – not considered an extra – to make your work easier, better and more effective.


Who should be a coach?

Anyone can be a coach. You do not have to be a line manager. Those in roles where they are leading people through change, or encouraging innovation, adoption and improvement may find coach training particularly beneficial. Some learners have also been experienced leaders who are looking to solidify their coaching ability through accreditation.

Two levels of accreditation are available through the Coaching Academy:

If you or members of your team are not able to commit to a full programme, we can offer coaching workshops where you can learn how to use coaching methods to achieve your goal or address your challenge.

There are also opportunities to commission coach training for a group. Please contact us for a discussion.


Case studies

Read about the experiences of our learners on the Case studies: Coach training page.

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