The Coaching Academy has a programme for everyone interested in learning and development for themselves, their team and the system at large.


We offer some programmes on a regular basis (usually beginning Autumn and Spring) to individuals or as commissions for teams within health and care, third sector, academia and the public sector in the North West Coast - and beyond!

Innovator development online programmes

These three courses are self directed and typically 12 weeks in duration to provide flexibility and ensure you have time to complete the coursework around your work and personal commitments. They are aimed at a beginner to intermediate level to support you at different points in your innovation journey. Coursework is available on the Future NHS online learning platform, with workshops taking place over Zoom and Microsoft Teams. 

You will be:

  • supported by an experienced coach at regular group coaching sessions to provide you with the thinking space you need to make the most of the programme,
  • given a collaborative space to brainstorm and network with like-minded health and social care colleagues,
  • given opportunities to apply coursework to real workplace challenges or in relation to your specific innovation.

Innovator’s Mindset – Shake up your own thinking patterns for positive and meaningful change. This course is for people brimming with ideas who want to develop or reaffirm a mindset for bold, innovative thinking and behaviours.

Strategies for Spread and Adoption – You have developed a new system innovation, product or service and are keen to see your idea spread to the right audience and be adopted. This programme will guide you through this journey.

Evaluation Fundamentals – This programme helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and clinical entrepreneurs on their journey to evaluate their innovations. The course will cover various types of evaluation to help you demonstrate the value of your innovation to the health and care system.

Leadership and culture development

Coaching for aspiring leaders – For people brimming with ideas who want to develop or reaffirm a mindset for bold, innovative thinking and behaviours.

Innovative leaders – This programme offers online bite-size development for leaders at all levels across the health and care system to expand their skills and embed creative and innovative leadership more deeply within their practice.

Fundamentals of restorative practice – Restorative practice is a social approach for building community, navigating conflict, and repairing harm. These workshops aim to inform participants about using these methods for supporting team and organisational wellbeing.


Case studies

Read about the participant experiences and feedback in the Case studies: Learning and development page.

For inquiries into future offers of these programmes, please contact:

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