What the natural world can teach us about systems thinking Blog by Natalie Latham

18 January 2024

If you’re a bird, or an insect, or one of our native reptiles, you aren’t bothered where a boundary for one organisation ends and another begins.


Evaluating a test-and-treat pathway Blog by Omobolanle Olagunju

4 January 2024

An evaluation is under way on a new pathway for patients with acute respiratory infections. Omobolanle Olagunju, who is working on the project for Health Innovation North West Coast, describes its aims.


Successes of the MatNeo collaboration in the North West Blog by Amanda Andrews

6 November 2023

A week of events is under way to raise the profile of a series of measures designed to boost outcomes in maternity services. Our programme manager Amanda Andrews describes the impact they have had.


New elective surgery hub will treat an extra 6,000 patients a year Blog by Janelle Holmes, Chief Executive of Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (WUTH)

1 February 2023

We were delighted to open the new Cheshire and Merseyside Surgical Centre as a major step forward in addressing the backlog of surgery caused by the pandemic.


Technology can improve care, but can be a barrier Blog by Laura Boland

9 January 2023

The Innovation Agency supports the development of many transformational and innovative solutions, often with the potential to address challenges faced by our local mental health system.


Supporting adoption of the pre-term birth optimisation bundle Blog by Amanda Andrews

4 January 2023

When I joined the maternity and neonatal safety improvement programme (MatNeoSIP) eighteen months ago, I was excited to be part of a collaborative programme that would support improvements across the North West Coast.


Implementing the new PEWS in the North West Coast Blog by Verity Mather, PEWS Project Manager

15 November 2022

When I began this project to help implement the new Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) I had concerns that few would have the capacity to engage. How wrong I was. Within weeks all the teams really welcomed the idea of getting on board. 


Unwritten blanket rules on inpatient mental health wards Blog by Heather Morrison, Mental Health Project Manager

3 November 2022

One theme that keeps coming up is that of unwritten blanket rules. Those rules that have seemingly been around forever and nobody knows why they started but everyone adheres to them because they’re so embedded.


Developing coaching skills is worthwhile for everyone Blog by Gemma Barnacle, Business Development Manager

23 September 2022

Coaching is about providing space and time for someone to realise their own thoughts, insights and ideas, with the wholehearted belief that they have all the resources and means to solve the problem themselves.


Where are you from? Blog by Anika Neill

13 July 2022

Where are you from? This is a question that resonates with me and there is no straightforward answer. It’s a question I’ve heard throughout most of my life and which I am unsure how to answer even now as an adult.


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