Along with our fellow AHSNs we support the regional ‘import and export’ of healthcare innovation through our national Innovation Exchange programme.


Funded by the government’s Office for Life Sciences, the Innovation Exchange builds on the AHSNs’ unique expertise and cross-sector connections, enabling us to identify common challenges and quickly bring people and organisations together to develop, test and spread proven innovation.

The national Innovation Exchange identifies innovations for the Accelerated Access Collaborative and for local adoption. The Accelerated Access Collaborative is a national partnership of organisations including NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care, the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, NICE, NHS Improvement and the AHSNs.


The Innovation Exchange has four structured elements: 

1  Identify and communicate NHS and system needs
We support our Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) to identify proven solutions to existing challenges. 

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 Signpost innovators to further support or market access

Innovator support is provided by all AHSNs. The Innovation Pathway sets out the range of services offered. There is a consistent and co-ordinated offer to innovators wherever they are identified in the system.

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 Broker real world validation opportunities

Real world validation is informed by regional and local need and seeks to provide the information and evidence needed to enable adoption of the innovation in a variety of settings.


 Support local adoption and spread of supported innovations

The Innovation Exchange supports the adoption of innovations identified by the Accelerated Access Collaborative. It also identifies and supports the adoption of innovations on a regional and cross-regional basis via our innovation pipeline.


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North West Coast Innovation Exchange platform

Health Innovation North West Coast provides the regional Innovation Exchange platform for the North West Coast. It is an online forum for colleagues across the healthcare sector to share innovative solutions, projects and products to improve patient care.

Delivered in partnership with Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network, it is a platform for innovators to showcase their work to improve patient outcomes and experiences, provide cost-effective solutions and accelerate the delivery of safer, better care.

By registering as a member with the Innovation Exchange in the North West Coast you can submit projects, products and services to a Review Panel for assessment. If accepted, the submission will receive a wide range of support. You will also be able to share ideas with other members and access resources and support provided by Health Innovation North West Coast and our extensive regional network.

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