Health Innovation North West Coast’s Coaching Academy is pleased to offer an online programme designed to support those looking to spread innovative developments. We’re particularly keen to work with innovators who have developed systems, products or services and are now ready to encourage others to adopt them. Our team has specific skills in enabling innovations to be spread and adopted.

This programme provides:

  • practical skills and tools for the adoption and spread of innovative approaches, techniques and pathway redesign
  • tailored coaching to support learning and reflection on how to enable uptake and spread of innovation
  • personal development and growth aligned to each participant’s skills, needs and passions, culminating in CPD certification and a portfolio/case study to support validation
  • community support for resilience in tackling complex problems, while practicing with tools for real-world application
  • group coaching between face-to-face workshops, to support applied learning.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • identify development goals and detailed objectives for spread and adoption of a specific innovation
  • experiment with tools and approaches that support the adoption and spread of innovations
  • identify opportunities and what success looks like for the spread of your innovation
  • craft a narrative to share the story of your innovation, and make a plan for distribution to specific audiences.

What is the commitment?

Participants will be expected to commit to three full-day workshops as well as virtual coaching sessions in between. We use Zoom, Moodle and Webex to deliver this programme. Please note that there is a charge of £150 for this programme. For information about upcoming dates, contact

Meet the innovators

Well done to the past participants of our Spread and Adoption programme focused on innovations in mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. They brought a range of fantastic innovations at different stages of development; many were fully fledged businesses while others were at earlier stages of planning and set-up. This report includes some of their stories and their 100-word ‘pitches’ that were honed during the programme.

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